Work When You Want,
Where You Want.

Consultants, artists, graphic designers, writers, actors, accountants, lawyers, and small business entrepreneurs - we are the collective 'Gig Worker' that is revolutionizing the American economy.

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Take A Look Inside
The Freelance Nation

Gone are the days where all college graduates sought lifetime careers with blue chip corporations, where they could expect to be able to buy a house in the suburbs, receive a generous retirement package, and enjoy a healthy work life balance.

Enter the Internet. Enter Enter the ability to build VOIP telecom systems out of your home on a shoestring budget. To manage virtual armies around the world. And that’s just the beginning.

Traditionally, being a solo entrepreneur came with a social stigma; you were self-employed if you couldn’t get a regular job. Today, the opportunities for contingent, project-based work are expanding.

Consultants, artists, graphic designers, writers, actors, accountants, lawyers, and small entrepreneurs – we are the collective ‘Gig Worker’ that is revolutionizing the American economy.

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Chapter Overviews

A look at the breakdown of the Freelance Nation. From the reasons why it’s happening, to how to do it yourself. Load more to see them all.

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The Work History on America’s Resume

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Why We Are Going Freelance

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We Are the Freelance Nation

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What Makes it Possible?

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How to Do It (The Launch)

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Legal, Taxes & Leadership

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The Freelance Fork in the Road